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    Cardboard photo frames
    single opening matboard
    multi-openings matboard
    raw material
    letters matboard
    matboard frames
    cross stitch matboard with openings
    bevel openings renderings
    shaped openings matboard
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            Guangzhou Wei Guan Craft Co.,Ltd.which was established in 2010,and located at Opposite of Guangdong University city ,Xinzao town ,with more than 800 years of history of ancient Nanyue. There is Guangzhou Metro Line 4 can direct to Xinzao town, which about 10 Km to the largest Guangdong South Railway Station of Asia, and adjacent to Hong Kong. University City surround Xinzao town, with distant and profound history and culture, as well as be modern cultural center in Guangdong Province,by Developed economy and convenient transportation. The factory is located in front of the Pearl River, on the 1st Street Industrial Park, xiufa Village,which cover an area of 2000 square meters. Our Company is specializing in the production of various kinds:matboard ,pre-cut matboard,uncut matboard for decoration of photo frames,mat drawings,paper frames, craft cardboard for painting, picture frames, photo frames lined with cardboard, cardboard photo frames, cardboard backing for drawing and other paper crafts.We has many multi-automatic laminating machines, computer opening cutting machines, CNC cutter machines, dryers, moulding cut machines, packaging machines and other many production lines. Our company has absorbed foreign advanced production experience, strong technical equipments.Guangzhou Wei Guan Craft Co.,Ltd.has ablility of producing more than 300 models with different thickness and sizes of matboard, and can develop different shapes and styles for the processing and openings. Currently we have many customers from  Europe and America, Southeast Asia, and many another countries markets by win-win cooperation! The domestic market is also vibrant. "WEI GUAN", because be professional  -Products and perfect! Because the service: warm and thoughtful - and integrity of the world! Customer is our God, and our friends! WEI GUAN matboard forever - to undertake the world's cultural bridge!

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